Newco GXF8D-TVT Automatic Coffee/Tea Brewer - Tall

3 Gallon Tall Tea/Coffee Urn, Automatic
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Newco GXF8D-TVT Automatic Coffee/Tea Brewer - Tall

Automatic Coffee and Tea Brewer

Detailed Product Description:

Brew Capacities - 30 ounces up to 5 gallons. Three independent brew buttons can be customized with product labels for ease of brewing

Digital Electronics - allows brewing up to 3 independent beverage volumes, with the ability to enhance the taste profile of the beverage by adjusting the brewing temperature and the water contact time with or without water bypassing

Simplex Programming - easily program Volume, Tea Concentrate Amount and Brew Time, then save as a recipe

Adjustable Height - brewer incorporates patented base design which allows for height adjustment

Auto Arm - system will not brew until the water reaches the correct brewing temperature

Vis A Brew - brewing alert system is adjustable from 3 independent times to match the brewing process you select

Gravity Hot Water Faucet System - dispenses hot water while brewing without altering the brew volume.

Stainless Steel Cabinet - provides stability and durability.

Pourover Feature

All coffee or all tea set-up available upon request

Slide-out option available for holding airpot closer to brew basket

Hot or cold water bypass available

Dual voltage

Export voltages available

Cord attached for 120V

Airpots Not Included

Electrical: 120/240V / 1375/5500W / 11.5/22.9A
Plumbing: 1/4" Flare Water Line; 20-90 psi Water Line with minimum flow rate of 1.5 GPM.
Size: 34.8"H x 9.5"W x 20.75"D
Weight: 46 pounds
Warranty: 1 years parts and labor

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