Newco GXDF-8D 3Phase - Dual Coffee Brewer

2 Gallon Thermal Satellite - 3 Phase electric line

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Serve a lot of coffee? Then the Newco GXDF-8D - Dual Series High Volume Coffee Brewer is perfect for you. Brew twice as much with this coffee machine. Works well in either a kitchen or self serve area. Perfect for hotel breakfast bars, cafes and buffets. Compact size lets it fit on any counter top.

Newco's GX Dual Series is designed to withstand the rigors and demands of your high volume coffee accounts.

Multiple volume brew selection, digital heating technology, gravity hot water faucet and a 6-Gallon hot water reservoir make the GX Dual series a perfect solution for high volume coffee locations.

Model GXDF-8D X-BREWER FEATURES BENEFITS: & Auto-Arm: With water temperature playing such a vital role in the brewing of a great cup of coffee, NEWCO’s “Auto-Arm” function ensures that the unit will always brew at the precise temperature.

When a brew cycle is initiated, the control board verifies that the temperature in the tank is equal to the thermostat setting. If the temperature is ok, the brew cycle will begin. If the water is not at the proper temperature, the brew cycle is stored in memory and communicates that the brewer is “heating” via a heating lamp on the front of the machine. Once the temperature rises to the proper setting, the brewer will automatically begin to brew.

You can count on brewing at the proper temperature every time for the best extraction possible. Visa-Brew: The “Visa-Brew” function helps to communicate to the user that a brew cycle is in process. Once a brew cycle begins, a brewing lamp flashes for an adjustable period of time to help prevent the removal of a brewbasket or serving vessel prematurely.

PDS Valve: NEWCO’s exclusive porcelain flow control valve ensures extremely accurate pot levels, brew after brew. The PDS valve works under extreme fluctuating water pressures (10 psi - 110 psi) and under harsh water conditions with exact contency. By ensuring pot levels are accurate, your coffee profile will remain consistent and costly service calls will be eliminated. Solid State Thermostat: By incorporating a solid state thermostat into the GX brewer, maintaining an accurate water temperature (+ or-3 degrees) in the tank, helps to ensure the proper brew temperature.

Thermostat Over-ride: The thermostat over-ride functions begins when a brew cycle is initiated. The control board simply bypasses the thermostat control and instantly turns on the heating element for a period of 1 minute. This allows the brewer to recover faster, but more importantly provides a more consistent brew temperature from beginning to end for optimum extraction.

Thermal Satellite: Available in a 2.2 gallon design, this stainless steel lined container is the latest in high volume thermal dispensing. Being a true “air-void” container, the temperature holding capability rivals conventional glass lined thermal airpots. Equipped with a brew thru lid and a special insulated faucet for maximum heat retention, the container ensures high volumes of coffee to be served hot and fresh throughout the day.



Ship Weight: 65 lbs.
Amps: 22.9
Brewer Type: Dual Brew
Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.44" x 19" x 19.13"
Server Not  Included
Voltage: 3 Phase electric line
Warmer Station: No
Water Source: Water Line/Pour-Over
Satellite sold separately
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